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Patio Covers

Choosing the Best Patio Covers: What Should You Look At?


When comparing different patio covers in Springfield, MO, what are the major characteristics you should consider? Patio covers come in a number of different styles and materials, so choosing the right one can take time. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your budget? Patio awnings and canopies tend to be differently priced, as do metal and cloth options. Set your budget first and you'll know what you can afford.

  • How much maintenance do you want to do? Cloth covers tend to require more maintenance, but they're cheaper and faster to install. Metal covers require less maintenance, but are more expensive.

  • Do you want it to be freestanding or bolted on? If you want a freestanding option, you need a cloth canopy: if you want it to be bolted on, you want a cloth or metal awning.

  • What style do you want? Metal awnings can be painted to match your home, but come in limited styles. Cloth awnings are offered in many colors, styles, and patterns, but can vary significantly in cost.

You don't need to make the decision alone: a professional can show you your options. Contact Springfield Sun Control to find the right patio covers for you.

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