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Patio Canopy

Provide Some Shade With Your Easy to Install Patio Canopy

If you find yourself wanting to use your Springfield, MO patio more often, consider the advantages of an easy to install patio canopy. Patio canopies provide a fast, affordable solution to weather-related issues, creating a simple cloth canopy over your outdoor space. Patio canopies come in a number of colors and designs, and are sturdy and stylish.


What's the difference between a patio canopy and a patio awning? Awnings are bolted to the structure of your home, while canopies are freestanding and can be taken down. If you want a solution that lets you enjoy both the open air and a cool shade, a patio canopy is your best bet. Patio canopies are more affordable than patio awnings, and they can be removed during times of severe weather or high wind.


For many, patio canopies can fit into the decor better, providing a unique, freestanding living space. Often paired with structures such as gazebos, patio canopies can add a little luxury and sophistication to any backyard.

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