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Metal Awnings

Metal Awnings in Springfield, MO


While metal awnings can be a little more expensive to initially install, they also have some advantages over cloth awnings. If you're in the market for a metal awning in Springfield, MO, you may want to consider the pros and cons of each.


Metal awnings are extremely durable, and will last longer than cloth awnings. Unlike cloth awnings, they aren't likely to tear or rip. They can stand up to rough weather and high winds.

Not only are metal awnings an attractive cosmetic addition to your property, but they're essentially structural: they're designed to last as long as a home. They reduce energy use, provide shade to the patio, and direct water runoff away from your property.


They don't come in as many patterns or styles as cloth awnings, but they can be painted in any color, including colors that match your home or your home's trim. Altogether, metal awnings tend to be the most durable and versatile option, even if they do cost more upfront. For more information, and for a quote, contact Springfield Sun Control.

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